About Mr Scratchings

Mr Scratching's Pork Scratchings

Mr Scratchings is a family owned and run pork scratchings business.

We have been selling pork scratchings for many years.

Our pork scratchings are prepared to our very own unique recipe.

Our pork scratchings have proved so popular that we have been forced to move from our original site to larger premises in Low Moor.

Now we want to spread the word about our delicious pork scratchings beyond the confines of Yorkshire by opening this on-line pork scratchings emporium. In this way we hope to spread the word about how tasty Mr Scratchings' Pork Scratchings really are.

We are also going to be selling other bar snacks along side our pork scratchings for your convenience.

Pork Scratchings History

Pork Scratchings originate in the Midlands where it was traditional to fatten pigs up for St Steven's day when they would be slaughtered and all the pig used. Strips of skin and fat would be cut in to chunks and deep fried, they would then be stored in jars in the larder and enjoyed throughout the year.

Pork scratchings arrived in Yorkshire in the mid 19th century when workers from Derbyshire came to work in the mills of Bradford and Leeds and surrounding areas. They were a popular snack food to have in the pub with a pint of beer. And still are!

Pork scratchings are not only popular in the British Isles they are also popular in other countries where they go by different names: USA - pork rind; Australia & New Zealand - pork crackling; Canada - scrunchions; Bulgaria - pruzhki; France - gratons; Spain - chicharrones; Holland - knabbelspek (nibbling bacon); Austria - Schweinekrusten (pig crusts) ( source Wikipedia )

In parts of China it is believed that pork rinds have medicinal properties that include benefits to the skin and hair.